DFA Passport Appointment

In pursuit of the strong commitment of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in the efficient delivery of its services to the Filipino people, an online passport appointment system was implemented.

The DFA passport appointment system promotes an organized and smooth flow of passport processing.

Under the new system, Filipinos who want to secure a Philippine passport needs to secure an appointment first before going to DFA. This helps the Department of Foreign Affairs in rendering a very efficient service because they already have a ready information of the individuals who will apply on the scheduled date of appointment.

The appointment can be scheduled online or over the phone. In either ways, applicants need to go to DFA on the scheduled date. As a security measure, the Department of Foreign Affairs strictly requires personal appearance.

Before going to DFA, applicants need to have

  • a valid appointment reference number
  • a properly accomplished application form, and
  • photocopies of the required documents for passport issuance

There are also some individuals who can go directly to DFA for passport application and processing without securing an appointment.

Department of Foreign Affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is the agency of the Philippine government responsible for the pursuit of the State's foreign policy. It is the nerve center for foreign services worthy of the trust and pride of every Filipino citizen.

DFA is an organization of competent, dedicated and highly motivated personnel, who devote their energies for the benefit of the Filipino people, implementing foreign policy with the highest standards of professionalism and commitment.

The Department of Foreign Affairs pursues bilateral, regional and multilateral relations to advance the interest of the Philippines and the Filipino people. It builds partnerships with national security and development agencies, the academe, the private sector, the media and civil society in the interest of the nation.

DFA promotes regional and global cooperation in order to achieve peace, prosperity and stability.

It serves as the partners of Filipino abroad in the pursuit of the national interest and in the promotion and protection of their rights and well-being. DFA works for social justice especially for the poor, human rights and fundamental freedoms, and a democratic way of life.